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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

everyday is a struggle

everyday is a struggle

a struggle to wake up early
a struggle to do all the things to do for the day
a struggle to meet the demands of the day
a struggle to fight your own ghost
a struggle to last for the day

everyday is a struggle

if you have too much burden to carry
if you do not trust God...
if you do not surrender to Him
if you have forgotten Him....

as i listen

As I listen
I suddenly remembered
Our conversations……
So sure of ourselves
As if there’s no ending

As I listen
I suddenly felt the pain
Pain of loving; pain of longing
Pain of losing; pain of letting go
As if it won’t stop; as if it’s there forever to linger

As I listen
I suddenly felt the love, the pain, the hatred
Didn’t want to let go, but had to
Wanted the pain to go, but it won’t
Wanted the hatred gone, but still it remained
As I listen