Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kidney Transplant

My sister Kring is scheduled for her kidney transplant.

Only Ate Amor and I can be with her in Manila to assist her on this big day of hers.

I was at Nj's room. I took pictures before he was wheeled-out of the room to be taken to the Operating Room. Pictures, pictures....

and then, Ate Kring's time to go to the Operating Room..

of course, i am relaxed...

the transplant is scheduled for four(4) hours.
they were wheeled out at two (2) pm.. schedule is at 3 pm.

at 3 pm, countdown started....

2 more hours....
one more hour....
then it's 7pm..

my FB message inbox and my phone has too many messages...
friends and relatives asking how was the operation....

i cannot answer since there was no news yet...
nobody was taken back to their rooms yet..

then 8pm came..... nothing came ....
9pm came....still there was no one...
10 pm came...i am already restless....
too many thoughts come and going crazy already

1030pm...i went down to the operating room waiting area...

i saw Ate Amor sitting alone...i asked her what's happening...she told me that Nj was just wheeled-out of the recovery room...Nelson, his father is with him so i stayed to wait for Ate Kring's turn to be wheeled-out of the recovery room...

an hour passed...nobody went out of the room...
again, impatient as i am, i went back to Nj's room...

i saw him lying, asleep and looking tired
i touched his hand
he woke up and to my surprise
i did not know that he has low pain tolerance 
he kept on crying and complaining  that it is so painful
i felt like crying but i have to be brace myself and look brave enough for him to feel that everything's ok
i cannot let him see me cry and feeling his pain too
i just told him to get some rest, just sleep you'll be fine
Oh Lord! i don't know what to say to him...

He keeps on holding my hand
he won't let go of my hand
all i did was hold him

at 3 am, he woke up again
feeling the pain again
he told me to ask the nurse when will be the next pain reliever be given to him
good that it's already time for that medicine

every time a medicine is injected, he will hold my hand and cry
i will just tell him it's okay
just go to sleep

i sing lullabies to him
my tears falling
just like when he was still a baby
then he was asleep...

it is so depressing to be here and be a witness to their sufferings
the pain
the fear
they feel you will also feel
and you cannot do anything but assure them that everything will be alright.. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


indecisive? depressed? sad? angry? whatever...
there comes a time in our life that we face this dilemma. when i am in this situation, i usually have the following reactions:

a. i suddenly become dumb
b. i stare 

c. i sleep most of the time
d. i become unfeeling
e. i listen to Andrea Bocelli bigtime!

f. i put all the laundry in the machine
g. i ignore everybody
h. i don't want to be seen

i. i don't feel hungry at all
j. i need somebody to talk to but there's nobody around

k. i suddenly realize i will look old quickly
l. i suddenly decide!
just went crazy for a while....sanity suddenly comes back...:-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


you came to us by surprise!

at first, i don't want to take you 
coz i know i will be enamored by you...
not only me but my children too. 
i know that we will learn to love you 
and it will be difficult when you go...

but still i took you..
you became a part of our lives
the instant you were dropped in our house..
you were so were really a toy poodle...

you were cuddly
you liked being carried 
you liked playing with the kids
you liked sleeping with my children 
especially at night..
you wait for Bobi every night...
you would scratch on our doors if you were locked out...

now, you also left us by surprise!
and what a surprise!
you were attacked by an askal 
while Gab is walking you!
Gabriel cannot stop crying,  calling your name
my children cannot stop crying..
when Daniel came home from school
he was shocked and could not stop crying too
i cannot stop crying..
i felt that i have lost one of my children...
it hurt so much....

i don't care if i bawled in the street
when i saw you lying there lifeless
hearing my son wailing
calling your name...
i cannot contain my emotions 
it is as if i was being beaten to death
i couldn't stop crying....
you died instantly! 
i could not make myself touch you...
i could just cry, cry and cry...

we will surely miss you, Petchop!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

High School Graduation Rites

i am so happy!
 my son is graduating in high school!
March 24, 2012 - Baccalaureate Mass at 7:30 am.
Of course, as an event organizer, disciplined as we are, we have to be on time....
7:30 am is 7:30 am..
We were at the Sto. NiƱo Parish, Bula before 7:30 am.
I am already so bored....the mass started at 8:30am..mind you, an hour late!
Reason: the projector is not working!!! was the projector not checked the night before? or hours before the scheduled mass???? well, i can let it pass...anyway, my son is graduating...

Graduation Day: March 25, 2012, again at 7:30 am.
i guess the school's favorite time is 7:30 am. 
We were at the venue, of course, before 7:30am! 
again, the program started an hour and a half late! 
the venue was not prepared as to their sitting arrangements...
The emcees have no power voice to wake the sleepy and bored 
parents & relatives of the graduates....
My adrenaline is charging....
i am very much tempted to take the microphone from the emcees.... 
i can only imagine the looks they will give me if i have done that!
the program was a mess...
the graduation march was a live accompaniment of mixed songs..
if i remember it right, the pianist included in his playlist a christmas song and a visayan song! 
does he know what he is doing?
does he know that he is playing in a graduation ceremony? 
was he not told nor given a playlist?
 or was he given the free will on what music to play? 
what about the organizers? do they know the sequence of their own program?
this is the first time i have attended a graduation ceremony 
which includes all levels from nursery to high school 
that made the nursery students as the highlight of the ceremony.
the sequence was a mess! it was really a mess! 
am i just old school or that's really how they do it on that side of the city? 
i am contemplating on transferring my youngest son to that school, but after experiencing their graduation ceremony, i am now having second thoughts.....
my only consolation is at last my son has finished his high school!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pork Hamonado

It's Christmas Time!
Time to be with our loved ones..
Time to have fun..
Time to be thankful for all the blessings we have received...
and most of all, 
Time to EAT!!!

This is my all time favorite...any time, any day! 
Wanna try?
For orders: text or call: 09238459377/09186600365

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Minutes of Meeting - November 09, 2011



Present:                                                              Absent

Allan Ramirez                                             Juris Cerbo
Monera Mangelen                                     Jerry Comighud
Pahima Abdullatip                                     Nelle Mahusay (represented by Chari)
Dihon Uy                                                       Renato Encarnacion
Lorenzo Cantero                                        Gayle Certeza (represented by Chari)
Ana Fe Into                                                   Renato Encarnacion
Arlene Garcia                                               Rogelio Borro
Climaco Arellano
Charinisa Pascua

The meeting started with a prayer at 9:20pm presided by our Chairman Allan Ramirez.
Minutes of meeting taken by Charinisa Clarisa-Pascua representing Nelle Mahusay and Gayle Certeza.

As per our survey in our FB group, the winner for the venue is at the MSU-HS Covered Area. Chairman Allan will book the venue tomorrow and talk to Mrs. Totesora, the principal.

The Motorcade is scheduled on December 29, 2011 at 11:00 AM. Cora Borro is designated to coordinate this with the PNP.

             suggested route: MSU HS to Pioneer Avenue to Acharon Boulevard to 
                                           Santiago Boulevard to National Highway to Roxas Avenue 
                                           then back to MSU HS.

After the motorcade, we will have lunch at the covered area. Lorenzo Cantero will bring balbacua and the others, POTLUCK..we encourage everyone to bring whatever food you can spare. Then after lunch, time to rest and prepare for the big night.

The program will start at 6:00 pm. everybody is encouraged to come on time.


            Pambansang Awit
            Invocation                                                                      - Nerville Mari
            Welcome Address                                                         - Juris Cerbo
             Presentation of Guests                                                - Emcee
             Inspirational Talk                                                         - Mrs. Lourdes Casabuena
                 Token to be given by Gayle Certeza
             Intermission                                                                  - Anacleto Basit
Dinner     Dinner      Dinner        Dinner

             Giving of Tokens to our Guests by Chairman and Gayle

             Acknowledgement of First Time Attendees

             Intermission                                                                  - Joel Magbanua
             RAFFLE of Consolation Prizes                                    - Allan Ramirez

             Presentation of Monthly Activities                            - Allan Ramirez

             RAFFLE of 3rd prize, 2nd prize and Grand Prize   - Allan Ramirez

             Closing Remarks                                                           - Allan Ramirez


EMCEE: Sarah Abenda and Arvin Pingol
                Gemmalyn Tayoto and Mark Aquino

We will invite all our teachers to attend our big per our list, we have listed 32 teachers already....i hope all of them could come and enjoy with us on this day.

We also have 9 donors already for our MISMO Band..those batchmates who would want to donate, please feel free to do so and inform any of our officers...we still need 11 persons more.....we are calling for the following to please be a donor for our band..... :-)

     Marilou Mallabo
     Edwin Pinili
     Helen Paidumama
     Ahmad Wata
     Michael Mangulamas
     Napsa Diga Villones
     Mark Aquino
     Jerry Comighud
     Greg Mercado
     Aida Balmores
     Juris Cerbo
     Aaron Inog
     Nelson Francisco
 Suggested tokens for Teachers:
   bags for women with MSU tag
   wallet for men
   shawl with MSU embroidery
   mug with logo (gratitude and fortitude)

Suggested souvenir for all batch 86:
   pendant with msu logo in front and batch 86 at the back...

Arnevel's will cater for our food...
Lorenzo Cantero is assigned to contact MISMO band and batchmate Lacap for the sound system....

The meeting ended at 11:00pm....:-)

Hope to see you all on December 29, 2011!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


it was a cozy night for my daughter and two sons...
suddenly my eldest son burst into the room...
and said...please let them get out of the room....
ah ok....children, go out....kuya has something to say to mama...
after the door closed, my son broke into tears....
saying sorry....for he has lied to me....
i don't know what to say...i just asked what happened...
he said he lied to me...he has a girlfriend...had a girlfriend...
i was speechless....honestly, i really don't know what to say...
i guess i am not ready to hear something like this from my son....

he's still a baby!...waaahhhh.....for me, my son is still a baby!
i realized my son is already sixteen years old......
of course at this time and age
 it's either they have relationships with the opposite sex 
or they are
i looked back and reminisced my high school days...
i also had my first love at a very early age but it just remained my first love.....
conservative pa ng time ng kabataan ko...bawal ang lovelife....
but now, i have to face this situation and help my son recover from his heartbreak...
i am glad he had shared this part of his life to us....
i hope and pray that we could guide him to the right path....:-)