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Thursday, February 7, 2013


you came to us by surprise!

at first, i don't want to take you 
coz i know i will be enamored by you...
not only me but my children too. 
i know that we will learn to love you 
and it will be difficult when you go...

but still i took you..
you became a part of our lives
the instant you were dropped in our house..
you were so were really a toy poodle...

you were cuddly
you liked being carried 
you liked playing with the kids
you liked sleeping with my children 
especially at night..
you wait for Bobi every night...
you would scratch on our doors if you were locked out...

now, you also left us by surprise!
and what a surprise!
you were attacked by an askal 
while Gab is walking you!
Gabriel cannot stop crying,  calling your name
my children cannot stop crying..
when Daniel came home from school
he was shocked and could not stop crying too
i cannot stop crying..
i felt that i have lost one of my children...
it hurt so much....

i don't care if i bawled in the street
when i saw you lying there lifeless
hearing my son wailing
calling your name...
i cannot contain my emotions 
it is as if i was being beaten to death
i couldn't stop crying....
you died instantly! 
i could not make myself touch you...
i could just cry, cry and cry...

we will surely miss you, Petchop!