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Thursday, March 29, 2012

High School Graduation Rites

i am so happy!
 my son is graduating in high school!
March 24, 2012 - Baccalaureate Mass at 7:30 am.
Of course, as an event organizer, disciplined as we are, we have to be on time....
7:30 am is 7:30 am..
We were at the Sto. Niño Parish, Bula before 7:30 am.
I am already so bored....the mass started at 8:30am..mind you, an hour late!
Reason: the projector is not working!!! was the projector not checked the night before? or hours before the scheduled mass???? well, i can let it pass...anyway, my son is graduating...

Graduation Day: March 25, 2012, again at 7:30 am.
i guess the school's favorite time is 7:30 am. 
We were at the venue, of course, before 7:30am! 
again, the program started an hour and a half late! 
the venue was not prepared as to their sitting arrangements...
The emcees have no power voice to wake the sleepy and bored 
parents & relatives of the graduates....
My adrenaline is charging....
i am very much tempted to take the microphone from the emcees.... 
i can only imagine the looks they will give me if i have done that!
the program was a mess...
the graduation march was a live accompaniment of mixed songs..
if i remember it right, the pianist included in his playlist a christmas song and a visayan song! 
does he know what he is doing?
does he know that he is playing in a graduation ceremony? 
was he not told nor given a playlist?
 or was he given the free will on what music to play? 
what about the organizers? do they know the sequence of their own program?
this is the first time i have attended a graduation ceremony 
which includes all levels from nursery to high school 
that made the nursery students as the highlight of the ceremony.
the sequence was a mess! it was really a mess! 
am i just old school or that's really how they do it on that side of the city? 
i am contemplating on transferring my youngest son to that school, but after experiencing their graduation ceremony, i am now having second thoughts.....
my only consolation is at last my son has finished his high school!!!!

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